Picture framing, North London

Professional artist have specific requirements from their framer. As a rule, it is for more neutral framing so as not to detract from the work.It also needs to create an atmosphere that reflects how the artists would like the work to be experienced. To this end, when I design framing for artists exhibitions, I air on the side of simplicity, uniformity and hand finishes. I stock a wide range of hard and soft plain wood mouldings that can be painted, limed, stained, waxed, lacquered and gilded.

picture framing, North LondonA FEW OF OUR EXTENSIVE PLAIN WOOD RANGE
Picture framing, North LondonRE-USABLE FIXINGS

I am also aware of the enormous investment involved in an exhibition and the framing is only part of this. I can provide framing that can be re-used with the minimum skill and effort.

picture framing, North LondonPREPARING WITH GESSO AND BOLE
picture framing, North LondonHAND COLOURING

The artist path is so often, only for the brave. It can be a struggle finding the money for paper, paint and canvas let alone framing. I offer an ‘artist self-assembly’ service. In exchange for you doing half of the work, I give a sizable discount. The frames are provided to you cut and with an innovative dovetail connector so you can assemble them yourself. Please note, this service is only available to artist and a minimum of 5 frames must be ordered.

picture framing, North LondonSELF-ASSEMBLY SCHEME
picture framing, North London
picture framing, North London

picture framing, North London

As an added incentive to your sales, I run our ‘Red Dot’ scheme which provides a discount for customers who buy from your exhibition and require it framing.

If you would like to make an appointment, please contact me on 020 8292 8194 or
You can also text on: 07847 285317.