Dry mounting is a process whereby art work is bonded to a backing board. The process is primarily aesthetic, removing small wrinkles and creases as well as reducing “cockling” in the frame. The technology has developed significantly over the years with a great variety of materials available. I have state of the art equipment offering 2 types of dry mounting; the heated vacuum method for non-heat sensitive artwork and the cold roller method for non-pressure sensitive artwork.

Picture frame maker, LondonHEATED VACUUM PRESS
Picture frame maker, LondonCOLD ROLLER PRESS

Any artwork of value, either monetary or sentimental, should not be permanently dry mounted. This would include original, limited editions or collectible art. In some cases, this type of art may be semi-permanently mounted using Artcare Restore or Kool-tack reversible dry mounting materials. There are a variety of materials you can dry mount onto, depending on its end use. I prefer to use foam core boards as they remain flat and most of our dry mounting is for framing. It can also be used for bonding onto blocks, placemats, board, canvas, Perspex and aluminium.


I also use this technology without the use of adhesives for the restoration of artwork which has become damaged, creased or miss shaped by moisture or poor storage. Please be aware that although dry mounting has many excellent uses, it is not a ‘cure all’. I have a vast experience of its uses and will advise you accordingly.

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