Picture frame maker, LondonCORPORATE SPACE

Calling all architects, interior designers, space planners, and interior re-modellers.
Have you been given the task of arranging your company’s art and framing? I can help you create a focal point for your foyer, reception, boardroom and offices.

Picture frame maker, LondonHOSPITAL FOYER
Picture frame maker, LondonCOMMUNAL HALLWAY
Picture frame maker, LondonHOTEL SUITE

I have experience working with all manner of corporations, restaurants, hotels, and public buildings. I can happily and creatively accommodate your special requirements and are used to working with busy people who need someone to say ‘leave it to me’.

So rather than settle for the nearest frame shop, why not call me. I am only 25 minutes from Piccadilly Circus and roughly 40% cheaper than Soho and the City.

Picture frame maker, LondonHANGING SERVICE
Picture frame maker, London
Picture frame maker, London

I can also arrange professional hanging via ‘Laser Line Picture Hanging’ who are used to working with all wall types and of course comply fully with health and safety regulations and are insured to work on your premises.

We have lots of parking in the area with many spaces opposite, so no need to struggle down the road with your artwork. If you require, I can also arrange a site visit for larger orders.

If you would like to make an appointment, please contact me on 020 8292 8194 or
You can also text on: 07847 285317.